1. Create Entries

Ensure that the create entries process is complete for the relevant year, for example a 2017 Audit would need this date to be 30/06/2017.

2. Setup Auditor

1. Just once, add new person:
Title: Mr
Surname: Bastin
First Name: Brendan
SMSF Auditor Number: 100171355
Address: 160 Clarendon Drive
Town: Somerville
State: VIC
Postcode: 3912

2. In each SMSF, add Auditor in ‘Fund Relationships’.

3. Invite Auditor

If the ‘Share With’ function has never been used to invite me as auditor before, then:
Go to Fund, press ‘Share With’, ‘auditor’ (my name and email should appear), press invite. This will allow me to view the particular SMSF (but not all of your SMSF’s) as the auditor.

To invite me to view additional SMSF’s as auditor:
Go to Settings, User list, find my name & press edit (under Action), press Funds.

Unassigned Funds will appear on the left hand column, place the mouse over the name of the SMSF you wish to assign, an arrow > will appear, press this to move the particular SMSF to Assigned Funds on the right hand column. You may assign many SMSF’s quickly here. Then press SAVE.

4. Uploads

1. Go to Reports – Documents.

2. Add a Tag called “Permanent” and a Tag for the year to audit e.g. “2018”.

3. Upload all required documents as stated in the Checklist (don’t upload any reports, these can be generated from Simple Fund 360 anytime).